Benefits of Promo Merchandise

Simple promo merchandise says a lot of things about your product and principles. It boosts awareness about your products and helps your audience remember your brand name. Promo items remind people that your brand is always at hand, promoting loyalty. Promo merchandise can make your customers stick with your brand long term. Give old customers promo merchandise they’ll appreciate instead of trying to convince new customers to try your products. Providing customers who are already interested in your brand with merchandise can increase your chances of a sale, as opposed to new customers, who may not even look at your promo items. Here are the other benefits of promo merchandise.

Foster Relationships

You can reward loyal customers with promo items to thank them for staying with you. This is a good way to build and foster relationships with your customers. You can strengthen your relationships with your old customers and build new relations with new ones.

Save on Marketing

Promo merchandise can help you save on promotional and marketing campaigns.  These items are cheaper than ads placed on print media, radio, televisions and billboards. You only have to spend once on your promo items, unlike media promotions where you need to pay every month to stay visible.

Extended Brand Exposure

Another benefit of promo merchandise is that it can give lengthened brand exposure. Even after a long time has passed after you’ve given the item, people will continuously remember you once they see the item. Unlike paid ads where your brand is exposed for a few seconds, promo merchandise offers continued promotion as long as customers are using your merchandise. Just make sure that your items are of high quality and you’ll surely gain the lengthened exposure that promo merchandise offers.

Encourage Customers to Do a Certain Action

You can use promo merchandise to subtly encourage your customers to make a certain action like calling your hotline number for quick orders or completing a survey.

There are various promo items that you can use such as coffee mugs which are great bonus gifts for employees too! Another popular promo item is a travel mug. It keeps coffee hot, so you can drink it anytime. You can print your company logo on the travel mug and give it to employees, friends and business contacts.

Other popular promo items would be key-rings and pens. Both these items are a great way to promote your business, while providing your customers with something useful, you’ll be happy, and you’re customer will be happy to get something they can actually use.

Another great idea and something everyone uses at work are mouse pads as we all spend a lot of time in front of the computer.

All of these can be used great for grad fairs, meetings, call-in clients and even Christmas or business anniversary packages. So bring your company to life, promote your brand daily through a one off expense and get ordering today!