Promotional Items Ireland – The Best Marketing Strategy

The use of promotional items for the purpose of endorsement is definitely one of the best marketing strategies to date. Many startup companies as well as high-end brands invest in these items to get a good amount of publicity. And the best part is that the strategy actually works! Many people might be doubtful of these strategies because the production does cost more than an average item, but the results can definitely help increase customer database.

For instance, if a brand decides to have their own promotional pen with their logo or slogan on it, they are endorsing their brand. Whether that pen is given to a customer for free, or whether it has a price tag, the exclusivity of the pen is unique and unmatched. However, here are a few promotional items in Ireland that can really help you endorse your brand and also increase your customer database!


As the aforementioned example stated, pens are used widely for endorsing a brand or their project. Many huge companies opt for promotional merchandise and give out these items in an attempt to reach to a much larger customer base. This strategy, more often than not, is guaranteed to work because who doesn’t need a pen to write down their memos?


After promotional pens, notepads come second in the list of top promotional items Ireland. Notepads that feature a header stating the company name, logo and slogan, on each page of the notepad are made by almost all companies, be it big or small. Most companies opt for small notepads that come in handy for jotting down thoughts and important notes.

Badges (Brooch)

Many companies have gone the extra mile to get either their company name and logo, or just logo, printed on a badge. Although most companies preferred keeping it simple in the past, many companies not experiment with colors and styles of badges to urge people to wear it more often. This way, it feels less of a promotional ideology, even though it is purely just that!


Getting promotional items in Ireland that are purely clothing is one of the best things a company can do. You get a plain t-shirt in a classy color with the logo, name, slogan, of the company, and multiply it by a thousand. And you’ll get a great promotional shirt to hand out to potential customers at your next promotional event! Many companies even opt for scarves, headbands and other items in addition to simple shirts and t-shirts.

Where to Buy Promotional Items Ireland?

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