Promotional Merchandise Ireland

It is important to choose the right promotional merchandise Ireland. The wrong item can be forgotten and unused, making it a complete waste of your marketing resources. There are certain kinds of item that are ideal for certain industries. If you’re talking about the corporate environment, it’s best that you prepare promo merchandise that offers prestige and practicality, since these items are most likely to be used and therefore kept. These products will also make your brand look more elegant and reliable. Here are is a list of the best promotional merchandise Ireland that you can give to your customers.

USB Drives

USB drives are practical and will be used many times. USB drives are something everyone tries to keep safe as you always need it at some stage. Although many people have one already, you can never have enough on hand in a safe place – just in case! You can also give power-banks, USB hubs and chargers. These are practical items that won’t be thrown away. Most people use these items a lot, meaning they will definitely use and appreciate them.

Stationery Products

You can also give stationery products such as business card holders and conference folders. Aside from being sophisticated, these items are also very practical as they can offer a lot of benefits when organizing files. Pens are an old classic promotional tool too. This will probably be the most used item, and is generally something that magically gets swapped around from person to person too, multiplying your promotion. However, try avoid giving cheap plastic pens as your promotional merchandise Ireland as it can seem a bit tacky.

If you don’t mind spending more, you can give customized leather wallets to impress your customers and provide them with something they can use and keep around. For frequent business travelers, you can give them leather luggage tags, leather travel portfolios or travel card holders so they can keep their licenses and IDs.

How to Choose the Right Promotional Merchandise Ireland

If you’re new to the corporate world and want to distribute promotional merchandise to promote your brand, just keep in mind that your promo items should be creative enough to grab the attention of your customers and encourage them to visit your shop or call your office. Plan your promo merchandise properly and select items related to your business.

The items should also support the message that you want to convey to your customers. For instance, if you are selling accessories or clothes, you could distribute bags or shirts with your company logo on it. If you’re promoting a sale, you could hand out shopping bags with the word “SALE” in a text and size large enough for people to read them without any problem. Make sure to include the duration and date of the sale, so people would know when to visit your store. If you have a pet shop, you could print your logo on items related to your store like chew toys and pet dishes. The possibilities are endless! Just plan what item to use and how to use it to maximise your exposure and effect and you can’t go wrong.