Promotional Pens – 5 Reasons Why Pens Are Good Promotional Products

The business world has always used promotional pens as a great marketing tool that helps them out in the long run. This tradition will never be out of practice because it might seem simple but is in fact a very powerful means of communicating with potential customers or business partners.

According to a study, a business’s chance of growing its customer base increases by a whopping 37% and also 71% of the people are able to recall the brand’s name just because they use the promotional products in their everyday life. So if you want your business to increase ROI (Return on Investment), consider investing in some great promotional products like pens, mugs, diaries, etc

One of the most common promotional products that companies giveaway to people are pens. And here are just some of the reasons why:

  1. Cost effective

So if you are a company that is working under a tight budget but still want to promote your brand and increase your brand awareness among the people, having promotional pens as a tool is by far the best choice. They are really inexpensive and are a great investment by giving it out to others.

  1. Variety

Pens work as perfect promotional products because they come in different varieties and styles. Generally people give ball pens as they are the most commonly used pens everywhere but if you want to be a little unique then you can also give multi-coloured pens, roller ball pens, fountain pens and even gel pens. You can choose from an assortment of colours, inks, pen tips and sizes.

  1. Extremely useful

Who doesn’t need pens? They are one of the most common and widely distributed promotional products out there. Everyone uses them and in fact, they are also the most commonly borrowed product at work, school etc. You can never go wrong with carrying an extra pen because someone out there can ask for it if the situation calls for one. One thing about pens is that they are also the most commonly lost item therefore they will never be enough.

  1. Can be carried anywhere

Pens are small and light therefore you can carry them anywhere and everywhere. Be it in your pocket or in your purse, they are always handy enough to be carried easily. When companies give out promotional pens, these are the first things people tend to gravitate towards because they are so easy to pick up. People even collect different pens from different booths at a trade fair just to add to their personal collection.

  1. Indirect marketing

If you use pens as a promotional tool, the chances of your company making it well known are going to be higher than normal. The best part about pens is that they will be used by all kinds of people so your brand’s name is going to spread fast. Pens are used in school, offices, homes and shops etc so if you have just one promotional product to give away, let it be pens.