Promotional Pens Ireland – How To Use Pens As Great Promotional Product

Promotional pens Ireland products are an excellent way to promote your brand image. All companies use them as a means of indirect marketing by giving them away at different events and occasions. Companies in Ireland are no different and use this common business practice as a way of getting known to the masses. Promotional products range from a wide variety of things but one of the best and most common ones are pens.

If you have decided pens as your promotional item for your company in Ireland rest assured you are using the best way possible to market your business to the masses.

Here are some ways you can use this strategy effectively:

1. Use only the brand name and slogan on pens

Keep the pen simple and only use your company’s name on the pen. Many people, when using pens as a promotional product, tend to put everything on the pen itself. The name and slogan is enough but they tend to make the pen a business card by including the website, address and contact number etc. You don’t need to do that since people can just Google the company name and it will show your company and business it does in Ireland.

2. Use a brightly coloured pen

Using a brightly coloured pen is a sure fire way to grab attention from people. Aim for colours that are bold and bright so that when they are used, they can get easily noticed by others. But there is one thing that you should always keep in mind when using a bright colours, use a contrasting colour for the font on the pen. If you use a light colour for the imprint, then your logo or brand name won’t be visible much to others and the whole idea of a promotional product will be defeated. You can go with colours that are popular in Ireland such as green and the font to be in yellow or white etc.

3. Logo usage

Sometimes a logo is not small enough to be imprinted on a promotional product such as pens. Pens have limited space as it is so go for just the brand name and slogan and skip the logo altogether. However, if you have a pen that has a cap or a holder attached on its side to easily clip on to papers then it is quite possible to do so.

4. Use the same font as you use it everywhere

It is better to use the same font that you use on your brand’s name. This will show continuity, consistency and proper flow with everything else that your company stands for. Having a different font on your website or business card and having a different font on your pen is not going to look that good on your part. It will show that you don’t care about the finer details and when it comes to doing business in Ireland or anywhere in the world. Therefore, attention to detail is imperative.

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