Top 5 Promotional Products to Boost Your Brand Recognition

It has long been a tradition in the business world to use promotional products and this practice is here to stay. It is an important way of promoting one’s business. Research has shown that people who received promotional products form companies had a quick memory recall towards that brand. It also proved that businesses generated more ROI by distributing their promotional products to other businesses as well. They come in handy during trade fairs, product launches or a when a new business is being introduced.

Here are some of the most commonly used promotional products given by companies to people:

  1. Pens

This is by far the most common yet the most powerful promotional product one can give and have. There is no doubt that everyone needs to use a pen everyday for some reason or the other. Whether it’s a housewife writing a list of groceries, kids doing homework, a person jotting an important message or number down in the office.

One can never really have too many pens. The thing with pens is that they are the most borrowed item in everyday use. They are borrowed, shared and given numerous times a day by many people. Coincidentally, they also tend to get easily lost, hence the need to always have extra. When you give away pens as your promotional products, rest assured the name of your brand will travel far and wide.

  1. Mugs/cups

This is also an essential everyday item because tea and coffee are the staple drink in Ireland. It’s important to get your morning started before going to work or during work, evening tea/coffee break or a late night hot chocolate. Mugs display your brand name to others multiple times a day and help you get noticed. Giving promotional products such as mugs and tumblers is like having indirect and free marketers for your brand.

  1. Clothing

Have you ever seen anybody say no to a free T-shirt or any item of clothing for that matter? Especially if those clothing items are brand new? No right? Then you can never go wrong with promotional products such as these. Many people will always hover around trade fairs just to get a free promotional item and they are attracted towards brands that are giving away their shirts. You can have your logo and brand name on clothing items and viola! People will be parading around wearing your company’s name everywhere.

  1. Bags

When it comes to promotional products, bags are never out of the question because they are very useful to everyone. Whether you give away tote bags, gym bags or a regular bag, people will always need a bag for something or the other so invest in giving away bags as promotional products.

  1. Tech stuff

In this day and age where everyone is tech savvy and everything has gone digital, tech accessories items such as USBs, headphones, power banks etc are a must for promotional products. They are very useful and if they have your logo on them people will think of you every time they use them.