Pen Keyring Zarki

Pen Keyring Zarki - Green
Keychain ball pen in original Christmas designs with body in glossy metallic finish and transparent hood. With blue ink.

Pen Tidil

Pen Tidil - Bear
Ball pen in an original Christmas design with body in glossy metallic finish. Available in Santa Claus, reindeer and teddy bear designs. With blue ink.

Antistress Pen Lennox

Antistress Pen Lennox - White
Relaxing anti-stress ball pen with a wide range of push-up buttons and flexible ball on top. Twist mechanism, with white body and accessories in varied colors. Blue ink.

Pen Wencex

Pen Wencex - Black
Ball pen with push-up mechanism, aluminum body in white solid color and upper ring in a wide range of bright, metallic colors. Clip with a wide printing area. Especially designed for laser engraving, including a special coating for your logo to be properly engraved in matching color with the clip. Blue ink.

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Pen Torch Krujer

Pen Torch Krujer - Silver
Ball pen with built-in LED flashlight. In an original design, with body in smooth metallic finish in varied colors and hood with carabiner. In blue ink with button cell batteries included. 1 Led. Button Batteries Included

Beach Ball Portobello

Beach Ball Portobello - White / Red
PVC inflatable balloon in a varied range of bright tones. Available in monochrome and bicolored designs. Deflated Size: 37 cm. Inflated Size: 28 cm

Pen Yule

Pen Yule
Push-up ball pen in a bicolor Christmas design with a curved body in smooth finish. With matching color flat clip and a snowball printed on top. Blue ink.

Pen Galiz

Pen Galiz
Fun light ball pen with Santa Claus design. With rubber flashlight activated by dropping the pen on a consistent surface. Matching color hood in blue ink. 1 Led. Button Batteries Included

Pen Lodinex

Pen Lodinex
Eye catching interactive sequin ball pen in bold metallic color. When sliding your finger on the surface, its color changes. Plain backside in polyester for easy printing. Polyester body. Blue ink.
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