Candles & Incense Sets

Inciense and Candle Set Nikel

Inciense and Candle Set Nikel - Blue
Set of candles and incense in bright tones. Includes ceramic burner, incense sticks and aromatic candle. Available in strawberry, lemon and ocean fragrances. Presented in an individual case with separate compartments and transparent cover. Aromatic

Air Freshener Pranger

Air Freshener Pranger - Lemon
Original lamp design freshener. In a 40ml jar and available in ocean, lemon and strawberry scents. 40 ml

Electric Candle Fiobix

Electric Candle Fiobix - White
Original electric LED candle, with translucent body in a wide range of tones. Button cell batteries included with protective film. Presented in a PVC case. 1 Led. Button Battery Included

Candle Set Duo

Candle Set Duo - Silver
Set of 2 Christmas candles in bright metallic finish colors and presented in an individual transparent PVC case. 2 Pieces

Aromatic Diffuser Kampur

Aromatic Diffuser Kampur - Beige
Spray stick air freshener. In 10ml glass jar and available in vanilla and ocean aromas. Presented in an individual design PVC case. 10 ml

Air Freshener Telox

Air Freshener Telox - White
Ocean scent freshener. In 5ml glass jar with wooden stopper, matching color string and wood fitting accessory. Presented in a PVC individual box. 5 ml. Ocean Aroma

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Candle Zamir

Candle Zamir - Silver
Christmas candle in glass container with star design. Presented in an individual PVC box.

Aromatic Candle Nettax

Aromatic Candle Nettax - White
Original aromatic candle in glass container of bright tones and in varied fragrances. Available in coffee, pine, lavender, vanilla and strawberry aromas. Presented in an individual box.

Aromatic Candle Persy

Aromatic Candle Persy - White
Aromatic candle presented in an original glass jar. available in a wide range of colors and fragrances: white color for vanilla, red color for strawberry, blue color for lavender, green color for apple and orang color for orange. Presented in an individual, white color box.

Aromatic Candle Sioko

Aromatic Candle Sioko - White
Vanilla fragrance aromatic candle. Presented in an original metallic jar with transparent window in a wide range of bright tones. Vanilla Aroma

Aromatic Candle Klire

Aromatic Candle Klire - White
Aromatic vanilla fragrance candle presented in an original metallic jar with closure in varied bright tones. Vanilla Aroma
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