Cup Nelo

Cup Nelo - Red
350ml ceramic cup in white color, with silicone strap in a fun range of bright tones. Presented in an individual box. 350 ml. Individual Presentation

Long Drink Glass Pevic

Long Drink Glass Pevic - Transparent
300ml cup in resistant and flexible PP material. Reusable and in varied colors with translucent finish. 300 ml

Cup Fidex

Cup Fidex - White
Nature line cup in natural bamboo fibers and PP material. 380ml capacity. Body in natural color, combined with a central silicone band to avoid burns. In a wide range of vivid colors. 380 ml

Cup Hecox

Cup Hecox - Natural
Nature line cup, with 500ml capacity and eco friendly. 500 ml

Cup Beltan

Cup Beltan - Silver
Bold design cup in stainless steel of 500ml capacity. With outside in highly bright metallic colors and inside in semi mat chromed color. Available in a wide ragne of vivid colors and presented in an attractive design box. 500 ml. Individual Presentation

Cup Nirmal

Cup Nirmal
500 ml PP cup, BPA free. Eco-reusable and in frosted finishing. 500 ml

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Cup Yonrax

Cup Yonrax
400 ml PP cup, BPA free. Eco-reusable and in frosted finishing. 400 ml

Foldable Cup Berty

Foldable Cup Berty
Bold folding cup for emergencies. In an elegant white color design and 220ml capacity, Including lid with integrated pill holder, with metal carrying carabiner. 220 ml

Foldable Cup Zedal

Foldable Cup Zedal
Eye catching cup in nature line for emergencies. Made of bamboo fibre, 220ml capacity. BPA free, with metal carrying carabiner. 220 ml

PET drinking cup

PET drinking cup - White
PET foldable cup (220 ml) with compartment for pills/sugar etc. and carabiner.
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