Cutter Koltom

Cutter Koltom - White
Cutter with wide blade and ergonomic die-cut handle. Removable hood for blade cutting adjustment.

Emergency Hammer Laguel

Emergency Hammer Laguel - White
3-in-1 emergency hammer with LED flashlight and 4 COB lights with 3 illumination modes. With magnetic surface and belt cutter blade. 1 Led. 4 COB Lights. 3 Light Modes. 3 Functions. Magnetic. Button Batteries Included

USB Car Charger Santer

USB Car Charger Santer - White
Multifunction USB charger for car lighter. 3,000 mA charging capacity in an elegant finish and dual output which allows simultaneous charging of two mobile devices. It incorporates glass breaker hammer and safety belt cutter blade for use in emergency situations, thus becoming an essential gadget in safety and practicality. With LED indicator and presented in an individual box. 2 USB Outputs. 3000 mA. 3 Functions

Ice Scraper Skalop

Ice Scraper Skalop - White
Ice scraper 4-in-1 in resistant material. With 3 leds flashlight and 3 illumination modes, glass breaker hammer and belt cutter. 3 Leds. 4 Functions. Button Batteries Included

Cutter Mars

Cutter Mars - Black
Cutter with die-cast aluminum body and transparent housing. With safety lock mechanism and removable hood for blade cut adjustment.

Torch Stroke

Torch Stroke
Multifunction emergency LED flashlight. With magnetic fixing surface, glass breaker hammer, belt cutter blade and intermittent emergency light. Battery power supply: 2xAA included and presented in an attractive design box. Magnetic Base. 2 Batteries AA Included

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Cutter Gruesly

Cutter Gruesly
Cutter in combination of stainless steel and aluminum with wide blade and ergonomic die-cut handle. Removable hood for blade cutting adjustment.

Cutter Fainel

Cutter Fainel
Stainless steel cutter with fine blade and fixing clip. Removable hood for blade cutting adjustment.

Tool Set Wheels

Tool Set Wheels
Tool set of 20 accessories in resistant case with wheel design. Includes set of precision screwdrivers, clamping tool, flat and crosshead screwdriver heads, wrenches for hex head nuts and cutter. Presented in an individual box. 20 Accessories
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