Eye Masks & Earplugs

Travel Set Plonet

Travel Set Plonet - Grey
Travel set of 3 accessories presented in a soft case in bright tones. Includes a soft and comfortable black microfiber mask with matching color double elastic fit, inflatable neck cushion in velvet, and a pair of orange earplugs in comfortable EVA material. 3 Accessories

Travel Set Yorder

Travel Set Yorder - White
Travel set of mask and earplugs. Mask in soft and comfortable microfiber of vivid colors with elastic adjustment in matching color. Pair of earplugs in comfortable EVA material. Presented in an individual bag. 2 Accessories

Earmuffs Katoy

Earmuffs Katoy - Orange
Soft and warm headband earmuff in soft and warm polar fleece material. Available in a wide range of bright tones.

Travel Eye Mask Asleep

Travel Eye Mask Asleep - Grey
Soft and comfortable microfiber mask in black finish with matching color double elastic adjustment.

Earplugs Panoss

Earplugs Panoss - Red
Comfortable earplugs in brightly colored EVA material. Presented in an individual, transparent case with carrying chain.

Foam ear plugs

Foam ear plugs - White
On Sale
Pair of foam ear plugs, for promotional use, with approximately 65 cm of cord, supplied in a transparent plastic tube with coloured cap and key chain.

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