Rain Meter 40 L/ m2

Rain Meter 40 L/ m2
40l/m2 pluviometer with transparent finished body and with a resistant fixing spike. Scale Measurement: 1 Line = 1 L/ m2

Flowerpot Merin

Flowerpot Merin
Peppermint with nature line pot. Including a original wooden box for brand, 6-8 seeds and growing substrate. Presented in an attractive design box. Biodegradable Pot. 6-8 Mint Seeds Included

Gloves Enox

Gloves Enox - Orange
Pair of work gloves in soft and resistant material in combination of cotton and polyester. Reinforced palms with non-slip silicone and elastic wrists of firm and smooth adjustment. One Size. Adult

Kneeling Mat Paty

Kneeling Mat Paty - Red
Protective pad for knee in resistant material EVA non-slip of varied and vivid colors. With die-cut grip for easy carrying.

Flowerpot Advert

Flowerpot Advert - Natural
Nature line pot with Petunia seeds in a varied range of colors. With 5-8 seeds and sachet with growing substrate. Assorted Coloured Flowers. 5-8 Petunia Seeds Included

Gloves Hetson

Gloves Hetson - Grey
Pair of gloves in soft and elastic nylon material. Available in a wide range of colors. For adult, one size fits all. One Size. Adult

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Flowerpot Set Nertel

Flowerpot Set Nertel
Set of 2 pots with peppermint seeds and parsley in nature line pot. With bag of growing substrate. 2 Pieces. Seeds Included

Can Flowcan

Can Flowcan - Red
Tin metal pot in vivid colors and with hermetic seal. Includes 6-8 seeds of petunia and growing substrate. Assorted Coloured Flowers. 6-8 Petunia Seeds Included

Grow Pouch Sober

Grow Pouch Sober
Nature line pot in paper grow bag. With 5-8 petunia seeds, including sachet with growing substance. Assorted Coloured Flowers. 5-8 Petunia Seeds Included
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