Lip Balms

Lip Balm Fledar

Lip Balm Fledar - Green
Lip balm bar in nature line, made of bamboo fibre. Type SPF15, in vanilla flavor and available in natural and eco green color. SPF15. Vanilla Aroma

Lip Balm Bolic

Lip Balm Bolic - White
Moisturiser lip balm spherite in a wide range of bright translucent colors -white color in solid finishing-. SPF15. Vanilla Aroma

Lip Balm Nirox

Lip Balm Nirox - White
Lip balm bar type SPF15 in a wide range of bright translucent colors. SPF15. Vanilla Aroma

Lip Balm Epson

Lip Balm Epson - Silver
Sphere of lip balms in elegant colors golden, silver and pink golden. Vanilla flavor, with SPF15 protection and dermatologically tested. SPF15. Vanilla Aroma

Lip Balm Tarian

Lip Balm Tarian - Silver
Lip balm bar with SPF15 protection and vanilla flavour. In a wide range of metallic colors. SPF15. Vanilla Aroma

ABS lip balm

ABS lip balm - White
Plastic lip balm stick with SPF15 protection. All colours are transparant, except white (02), silver (32) and black (01).

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Lip Balm Zendal

Lip Balm Zendal - Silver
Lip balm with integrated mirror in elegant bright colours. Vanilla flavour, with SPF15 protection and dermatologically tested. Available 94/62/EC certification. Article with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certification that guarantees compliance with rigorous control measures to obtain a safe and quality product. SPF15. Vanilla Aroma. Mirror Included

Cubic lipbalm

Cubic lipbalm - White
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The cubic lip balm is a lip balm that protects the lips. The lip balm contains sunscreen (SPF15) so lips will always be protected to the sun. It softens the lips immediately and restores the moisture balance.

Lip balm stick

Lip balm stick - White
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Lip balm (SPF15) in a round stick. The bottom of the stick has a twist mechanism for turning up the balm. Available in transparent colours and hardcolour black or white.

Lipbalm round ball

Lipbalm round ball - White
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Multiple hardcolour lip balm ball. The ball can be opened by turning the screw lid. The ball has a flat base so it does not roll away.
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