Mobile & Tablet Accessories

Mobile Holder Lerix

Mobile Holder Lerix - White
Original folding smartphone holder for wall plug. With body in translucent finish and especially designed for pad printing.

Armband Tracxu

Armband Tracxu - Black
Comfortable sports bracelet in soft shell, with adjustable velcro closure and PVC window with tactile function. Touch Screen

Stylus Touch Pen Cirex

Stylus Touch Pen Cirex - White
Bold design pointer in cheerful colors, with accessories and game and rings in shiny silver color.

Multipurpose Pouch Blizz

Multipurpose Pouch Blizz - White
Multi purpose cover in soft silicone of striking colors and with built-in pocket. Holder with folding mechanism. Adhesive

Keyboard Holder Tyrell

Keyboard Holder Tyrell - White
Bluetooth® keyboard with tablet holder function in soft PU leather finish. Compact design, in bold colors and rechargeable via mini USB cable -included-. Compatible with any operating system and presented in an attractive design box. Bluetooth Connection. USB Rechargeable. Cable Include

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Armband Kelan

Armband Kelan - Black
Comfortable sports bracelet designed for large screen devices, in soft PU leather with vivid colors. With reflective and adjustable velcro closure, key pocket and PVC window with tactile function. Touch Screen. Reflective

Stylus Touch Pen Fion

Stylus Touch Pen Fion - White
Tactile security pointer. Designed to encourage an hygienic and safe behavior in daily activities that require touching public surfaces (touch screens, ATM keyboards and payment terminals, lifts...). Easy to disinfect after each use, with a black color clip and available in a wide range of colors.

Touchscreen Gloves Actium

Touchscreen Gloves Actium - Grey
Practical pair of gloves for touchscreen devices, warm and soft acrylic in fun colors. They integrate pointer in fingers heart, index and thumb. One size fits all. One Size. Adult

Holder Laxo

Holder Laxo - White
Holder for mobile device with folding legs and with PVC non-slip stops. In bold colors and especially designed for pad printing.

Stylus Touch Screen Cleaner Walox

Stylus Touch Screen Cleaner Walox - White
Minimalist design pointer in bold colors and with screen cleaning accessory. Fastening to the device by means of strap with 3,5mm jack type fixing accessory.
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