Outdoor & Hiking

Compass Rasko

Compass Rasko - Transparent
Colorful compass in vivid colors with resistant, translucent finish and with matching color dial. Includes whistle and carrying belt. Whistle Included

Compass Clark

Compass Clark - Black
Compass with carabiner in bright tones and soft and resistant finishing.

Sleeping Bag Calix

Sleeping Bag Calix - Black
Sleeping bag in varied colors, made of soft material with thick inside padding. With inside/outside full opening zipper closure. Presented in a matching color sleeve with string closure.

Whistle Yopet

Whistle Yopet - White
Fun classic classic whistle design in a wide range of bright tones with matching color neckband.

Whistle Floykin

Whistle Floykin - Blue
Original folding whistle with LED light, in an original bicolor design and with metallic carrying carabiner. With button cell included and presented in an individual box. 1 Led. Button Batteries Included

Multifunction Arm Strap Kupra

Multifunction Arm Strap Kupra - Black
Multifunction armband for adventure lovers. In resistant nylon material, with 5 functions: armband, compass, whistle, flint scrapper and opener. Available in a wide range of colors, with safety buckle closure.

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Snow Shovel Skabix

Snow Shovel Skabix
Handy and foldable snow shovel. In resistant carbon steel, with a side saw and presented in a resistant pouch with velcro closure. Foldable

Monocular Ketor

Monocular Ketor
Long range Monocular by Orizons with resistant aluminum body in bicolor design, with distance regulator. With soft and comfortable padded area around the eye. With resistant padded case with zipper closure and brand logo. Presented in an attractive design box with the brand logo.

Compass Saida

Compass Saida
High precision Orizons compass in resistant aluminum, with fixing accessory and presented in an attractive design box with the brand logo.

Multifunction Pocket Knife Tobarra

Multifunction Pocket Knife Tobarra
Multi purpose knife with stainless steel accessories of 9 functions, with non-slip handle and built-in compass. Includes LED flashlight, knife, openers, screwdriver, file and scissors. Presented in an individual box. Button cell batteries included. 1 Led. 9 Functions. Button Batteries Included

Walking Pole Trekking

Walking Pole Trekking
Folding sports pole with metal body and shock-absorbing mechanism. Comfortable ergonomic grip and soft foam grip. Adjustable carrying belt, snow accessory and reinforced ground contact surface. Foldable. Adjustable Height. Antishock. Snow Accessory
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