Pillbox Trizone

Pillbox Trizone - White
Translucent body pill box in vivid colors. with 3 compartments and safety lock. 3 Compartments

Pillbox Astrid

Pillbox Astrid - Red
Original tablet dispenser in bicolor design with dispenser coverand 4 inside compartments. 4 Compartments

Pillbox Elyan

Pillbox Elyan - White
Practical pill box with removable inside in 4 compartments in a wide range of tones. With external indicator to avoid accidental falling of the pads. 4 Compartments

Pillbox Lucam

Pillbox Lucam - Transparent
Weekly pill box in resistant translucent translucent colorful finishing material. 7 individual compartments with safety lock. 7 Compartments

Pillbox Ziprik

Pillbox Ziprik - Transparent
Pill box with timer in soft and resistant material in white, with transparent coverin bright tones. Two inside compartments for pads and adjustable digital timer. Button cells included and presented in an attractive design box. 2 Compartments. Button Battery Included

Keyring Pillbox Alumpill

Keyring Pillbox Alumpill
Discreetly designed pill case keychain with aluminum body, in glossy finish and with screw-on lock. 1 Compartment

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Pillbox Notil

Pillbox Notil
Pill box in soft and resistant material in white. With 2 inside tanks, crusher with screw-on mechanism and cutter for splitting tablets. 3 Compartments

Pillbox Edmor

Pillbox Edmor
Pill box with 4 compartments in translucent finishing ABS, BPA free material. Individual lid per compartment. 4 Compartments

Pillbox Aspi

Pillbox Aspi
Pill box in soft and resistant material in white. With 2 inside boxes, safety lock and blade to split pills. 2 Compartments

Pillbox Bottle Gazuk

Pillbox Bottle Gazuk
High quality bottle and pill holder. High capacity -730ml-, with body in heat resistant (70ÂșC), BPA free, tritan material. Integrated weekly pill holder with engraved days of the week. Safety screw-on cap doser. 730 ml. 7 Compartments

Pillbox Varsum

Pillbox Varsum
Pillbox in nature line, made of bamboo fibre, with 3 compartments and safety closure. 3 Compartments
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