Place Mat Sekiop

Place Mat Sekiop - Fuchsia
Original folding table mat in a wide range of bright tones. With 5 feet covered in non-slip silicone. Foldable

Coaster Tanzak

Coaster Tanzak - Black
On Sale
Coasters in resistant and soft felt in cheerful colors. With special -X- die-cut for stand glasses.

Place Mat Irsan

Place Mat Irsan - White
Table mat made of 100% cotton material in a wide range of bright tones.

Place Mat Soltex

Place Mat Soltex - Green
Flexible, brightly colored silicone table mat with non-slip reinforced surface and hanging die-cut.

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Opener Coaster Olmux

Opener Coaster Olmux - White
Original coasters with built-in metal opener in a wide range of bright tones. With non-slip surface on the base.

Place Mat Jakarta

Place Mat Jakarta - Brown
Folding table mat of rectangular design in bamboo wood in varied colors. With reinforcements in resistant thread.

Coaster Set Mandi

Coaster Set Mandi
Set of 4 coasters in soft and resistant felt with reindeer designs. 4 Pieces

Coaster Brunex

Coaster Brunex
Natural cork coaster for those who love the ecological products manufactured with natural materials.
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