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Sanitizer Set Resil

Sanitizer Set Resil
Hygienic set containing mask, sanitizing wipe and mask holder. Presented in a compact size mask holder case, made of resistant PP material with a white finish and a wide printing area. Contents: Hygienic triple-layer mask with heat-sealed finish, elastic fastening and adaptable nose clip for a tight fit. Outer and inner layers made of Non-Woven (polypropylene). Intermediate layer in Meltblown (composed of 90% polypropylene and 10% viscose). In compliance with UNE 0064-1:2020 . Bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) ≥ 95%. Breathability (differential pressure) < 60 Pa/cm2 Non-reusable. 3 Layers. Outside 1: Non-Woven (Polypropylene) Middle Layer: Meltblown (90% Polypropylene/ 10% Viscose). Outside 2: Non-Woven (Polypropylene). 1x hydro-alcoholic sanitizing wipe for cleaning and disinfecting hands and surfaces of frequent use (smartphones, shopping cart bars, keyboards...) Manufactured in compostable material and presented in a 2 ml single-dose pack, with a wide printing surface. Alcohol c

Anti-fog spray for glasses 30ml

Anti-fog spray for glasses 30ml
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Avoid the annoying fogging up of your glasses when coming in from the cold and enter a heated room or when wearing a face mask. Spray some liquid on the microfibre cloth and clean both sides of the glasses, problem solved.

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