Pencil Case Set Baiku

Pencil Case Set Baiku - Red
Set of 7 pieces in non-woven case, in bright tones and with transparent PVC front window. Includes 2 wooden pencils with cylindrical body and rubber, ball pen, rubber, pencil sharpener and 15cm ruler. Comfortable carrying handle in matching color. 7 Pieces

Ruler Magnifier Bookmark Okam

Ruler Magnifier Bookmark Okam - White
Original 8cm ruler in fun colors, with a glossy finish and with a built-in magnifying glass. Matching color fabric carrying belt.

Ruler Calculator Mensor

Ruler Calculator Mensor - White
10cm ruler with built-in solar calculator and magnifying glass. In an original bicolor design in bright tones. Metric system in centimeters/inches and indicator of angle in curved part. Presented in an individual box. Solar. Magnifer Included

Ruler Hebe

Ruler Hebe - White
15cm ruler with body in smooth, bright finish. Metric system in centimeters/inches.

Set Laptan

Set Laptan - White
Set of 4 pieces with 3 wooden pencils with round body in bright finish, cheerful colors, with black lead, and a 15cm transparent ruler with metric system in centimeters/inches. Presented in a matching color cardboard box with thread closure. 4 Pieces

Ruler Flexor

Ruler Flexor - Orange
30cm flexible body ruler, with transparent body in bright tones. Flexible

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Ruler Calculator Profex

Ruler Calculator Profex - White
20cm ruler with built-in softkey calculator. In an original bicolor design in bright tones and metric system in centimeters/inches. Button cell batteries included with protective film and presented in an individual silver box. Button Battery Included

Set Gabon

Set Gabon - Green
Set of 5 pieces in a varied range of bright tones presented in natural cardboard box. Includes push-up mechanism ball pen and blue ink in recycled cardboard, wooden cylindrical body pencil, pencil sharpener, rubber and 15cm ruler. 5 Pieces

Set Delia

Set Delia - White
Set of 5 pieces in bright tones. Includes 2 black mine pencils with cylindrical body, eraser and pencil sharpener. Presented in a ruler box with compartments. 5 Pieces

Set Dony

Set Dony
Set of 6 pieces with 3 wooden pencils with natural round body and black lead, 20cm ruler with metric system in centimeters/inches, eraser and pencil sharpener. Presented in recycled cardboard box. 6 Pieces

Ruler Eding

Ruler Eding
30cm ruler with transparent body. Metric system in centimeters/inches. Transparent
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