Pencil Case Set Baiku

Pencil Case Set Baiku - Blue
Set of 7 pieces in non-woven case, in bright tones and with transparent PVC front window. Includes 2 wooden pencils with cylindrical body and rubber, ball pen, rubber, pencil sharpener and 15cm ruler. Comfortable carrying handle in matching color. 7 Pieces

Set Palty

Set Palty - White
Set of 6 wooden pencils with hexagonal body of glossy finish and mines in blue, pink, black, red, yellow and green. With pencil sharpener built-in in the hood and presented in a colorful cardboard box. 7 Pieces

Set Cafey

Set Cafey - Blue
Set of rubber and sharpener in bright tones. Waste compartment with transparent hood. Eraser and Sharpener

Sharpener Longi

Sharpener Longi - Blue
Original removable pencil sharpener with container design in bright tones and smooth body finish.

Set Gabon

Set Gabon - Blue
Set of 5 pieces in a varied range of bright tones presented in natural cardboard box. Includes push-up mechanism ball pen and blue ink in recycled cardboard, wooden cylindrical body pencil, pencil sharpener, rubber and 15cm ruler. 5 Pieces

Pencil Case Trinen

Pencil Case Trinen - Blue
Set of 14 pieces in a circular design box with resistant body in bright tones and inside with security compartments. Contains rubber, pencil sharpener, crayons and wooden pencils with cylindrical body, markers, watercolors and paintbrush. 29 Pieces

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Pencil Case Migal

Pencil Case Migal - White
Case with matching color zipper closure in 420D polyester, in varied colors and with twisting carabiner accessory. Includes sharpener, 8 round body pencils with polished finish in a wide range of tones. 10 Pieces

Notebook Mosku

Notebook Mosku - Blue
Ring notepad with soft-touch covers finished in resistant recycled cardboard. With 600D polyester case in bright colous and zipper closure on front cover. Includes recycled cardboard ball pen and ruler set, pencils and pencil sharpener in natural wood. 70 blank sheets. Hard Cover. 70 Sheets. Pencil Case Included. 6 Pieces

Set Baby

Set Baby - Blue
Set of 7 pieces in natural cardboard box with transparent hood in varied colors. Includes 6 wooden pencils in natural finish, with hexagonal body. Built-in pencil sharpener. 7 Pieces

Pencil Case Clown

Pencil Case Clown - White
Set of 14 pieces in case with resistant body in bright tones. Inside with security compartments. Contains rubber, pencil sharpener, crayons and wooden pencils of cylindrical body in varied colors. 14 Pieces

Set Delia

Set Delia - White
Set of 5 pieces in bright tones. Includes 2 black mine pencils with cylindrical body, eraser and pencil sharpener. Presented in a ruler box with compartments. 5 Pieces
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