Travel Pillows

Travel Set Plonet

Travel Set Plonet - Black
Travel set of 3 accessories presented in a soft case in bright tones. Includes a soft and comfortable black microfiber mask with matching color double elastic fit, inflatable neck cushion in velvet, and a pair of orange earplugs in comfortable EVA material. 3 Accessories

Pillow Sould

Pillow Sould - Black
Cylindrical cushion with soft polyester finishing body in a wide range of bright tones. With filling of balls and neutral label for printing.

Pillow Condord

Pillow Condord - Green
Neck pillow with soft polyester finish body in a wide range of bright tones. With filling of balls and carrying belt.

Pillow Bangala

Pillow Bangala - Green
Inflatable cushion for neck in soft suede of bicolor design with headrest accessory. Presented in a matching color suede sleeve.

Pillow Traveller

Pillow Traveller - Black
Inflatable neck pillow in soft suede neck and in a varied range of bright tones.

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Suede travel pillow

Suede travel pillow - Black
Suede 2-in-1 travel pillow with polyfoam beads. The pillow can be transformed from a round neck pillow into a rectangular pillow by using the zipper.
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