Working Tools

Set Sufli

Set Sufli - Black
Set of aluminum knife with 7 functions and carabiner flashlight. In varied colors and presented in an individual box with window and soft foam inside. Button cell batteries included. 1 Led. Pocket Knife 7 Functions. Button Batteries Included

Multitool Blizen

Multitool Blizen - Black
Aluminum multitool with 6 accessories in a wide range of bright metallic colors. With non-slip body and metal clip. Includes 6 flat and cross-head screwdriver heads. 6 Accessories

Pen Sauris

Pen Sauris - White
Multi-tool ball pen 4-in-1 with twist mechanism, in varied colors and with soft grip. With built-in level in body, ruler with metric system in centimeters/inches and double-head screwdriver -flat and star-shaped. With metallic clip and blue ink. 4 Accessories

Multitool Blauden

Multitool Blauden - Black
Multi-tool with resistant 12-function stainless steel body. Includes knives and razors, screwdrivers, files, openers and pliers. In bright tones and presented in resistant polyester cover and individual box. 12 Functions

Multitool Wicax

Multitool Wicax - Silver
Multi-tool with resistant stainless steel body with 11 functions. With can opener, knife, screwdriver, ruler, bottle opener, bottle opener, spanners, butterfly keys, saw and direction indicator. Presented in resistant leather case. 11 Functions

Multitool Kenza

Multitool Kenza - White
Multi-tool with resistant magnetic body with non-slip finish and 6 accessories. Includes 6 flat and cross-head screwdriver heads. 6 Accessories

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Torch Vilox

Torch Vilox - White
Sporty line torch with adjustable elastic band for arm, head… 8 COB white lights with 3 lighting modes (2 direct modes + 1 flashing light). Available in a wide range of colors, battery powered (3xAAA not included) an presented in an attractive design box. 8 COB Lights. 3 Light Modes. 3 Batteries AAA Not Included

Multifunction Pocket Knife Shakon

Multifunction Pocket Knife Shakon - Green
Multi purpose knife with stainless steel accessories of 9 functions and handle with non-slip accessory in bright tones. Presented in an individual box. 10 Functions

Multitool Brerax

Multitool Brerax - Black
Multi-tool with resistant aluminum body in non-slip finish in a wide range of metallic colors. With 9 functions and built-in LED flashlight. Includes screwdriver heads, knives, keys and openers. Presented in an individual box. Battery power supply: 1xAAA not included. 1 Led. 9 Functions. 1 Battery AAA Not Included

7 in 1 Pen Payro

7 in 1 Pen Payro - Silver
7-in-1 ball pen with twist mechanism in a wide range of bright tones. With holder for mobile device, pointer, screen cleaner, built-in ruler -cm and inches-, flat-head and cross-head screwdrivers. Blue ink. 7 Accessories

Multitool Borth

Multitool Borth - Black
Multi-tool by Orizons with stainless steel accessories of 6 functions and aluminum handle in bright tones. With pliers, razor, can opener with flat-head screwdriver with bottle opener function, star tip detonator and carabiner. Presented in an attractive design box with the brand logo. 6 Functions
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